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First-class research and development team, a number of doctoral, Master's, product independent research and development, a number of core technology, more than 20 authorized invention patents, more than 10 software copyrights.


10000 square meters of modern clean workshop, 1000+ platform/monthly production capacity, modern production management


Through the ISO9001 Quality Management system certification, through the UL, CE, CSA and many other international certification and testing

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Hubei Yingli Electric Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Beijing British Special Technology Co., Ltd. located in Hubei province Jingmen Zhongxiang Nanhu District Association Enterprise Alliance Industrial Park 15, the company quality as a guarantee to serve as a guarantee to technical innovation, optimization integration as the responsibility, committed to power electronics product development, production, sales, service, Production of high-power power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, controllable thyristor, electrolytic power supply, reactive compensation device, single crystal power supply, plasma heating power supply, arsenic Jia power supply, single crystal heating power supply, ARC furnace heating power supply, SIC power supply, electrolytic copper rectifier power supply, electrolytic zinc power supply, silicon rectifier power supply, power regulator and other products, industrial and military products, Rail transit electrification products, distribution network power quality product development pioneer, the whole solution provider. Company's products have passed UL, CE, FCC, CCC and many other international authoritative certification and testing, has been sold to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand and other more than 40 countries and regions, in more than 10 countries with sales, service agencies, with the United States, Germany and other well-known enterprises in recent years to establish a strategic partnership, and for Pakistan and other countries of national defense to provide products and services, high-quality product quality and thoughtful after-sales service by customers at home and abroad highly recognized. The company has strong scientific research technology, postgraduate education accounted for 70%, experience in engineering practice. Based on fully independent intellectual property rights of the rich product system, has a first-class research and development team and a number of core technology, more than 90% employees with bachelor degree or above, the core technical team are PhD and Master's degree, has a wealth of industry application experience and on-site implementation experience, and has more than 20 authorized invention patents, more than 10 software copyright and established a joint research and development laboratory with the domestic famous universities, is the Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, the northern Technical School's doctoral students, Master's internship and training base.

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Monocrystalline Silicon power supply--for the manufacture of high-power rectifier, high-power transistors, diodes, switch devices, solar panels, such as one, high efficiency and energy efficiency of the second, higher reliability and control accuracy three, modular, intelligent four, input current harmonic content low, high power factor

Electroplating is the method of laying the conductive body on a layer of metal using the principle of electrolysis. Electroplating power is applicable to electroplating zinc, nickel, tin, chrome, copper, cadmium and other non-ferrous metals, gold-plated, silver-plated and other precious metals precision electroplating. The electroplating power supply is a DC electric device which transforms the frequency alternating current into different voltage, frequency and waveform. In Thyristor Rectifier, the main application of "rectifier" technology, in High-frequency switching power supply both "rectifier" technology and the application of "inverter" technology.